a sticker born this past august to share with spanish-speaking communities and beyond to support the movement in boycotting goya. goya has forever been problematic, with enforcing white supremacy and the illusion of “latinidad” by reappropriating foods and legacy brought to us by enslaved African ancestors. i remember my days of working at el museo back in 2010, and the racist board members with ties to goya. el museo is an institution with roots in el barrio and a responsibility to the Boriken community, but has failed time and time again to be a space that resonates and is truly for the community that built it. i am committed to continuing to do my best and better in disrupting these false notions of “latinx-unity” when we REALLY need to discuss and dismantle the anti-Blackness, anti-indigeneity and hyper-capitalism that plagues the wide and over-encompassing region that is squeezed into this supposed-universal term. it does not fit, and is dangerous. if this resonates, and you would like some of these stickers to bring to your communities, please reach out to me and i’ll mail ’em to you. no money, but you can take those coins to support any Black-led organizing local to you. paz.

Author: soulhandles

creative, dreamer and rebel born and raised in NYC with deep roots in los andes de colombia

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