my statement on the end of NECIA, my former punk band

content warning: sexual abuse and harm

necia has not been a band since september 2019, after our lead singer aru was publicly called out. the call-out was regarding harm and abuse of power, particularly on exposing women and femmes to a known abuser and predator, her older brother diego apaza. i originally wrote a public statement to be shared on our instagram but was silenced at the time. as an act of de-platforming, i decided to delete all our music and social media platforms. I felt that our music did/does not need to be public especially as it featured the artistry of someone who has caused so much pain to women, femmes and non-binaries. i want to explicitly name the call-out and harmful internal dynamics as the culmination that ended our band. throughout that last year we were becoming inactive and estranged. however, it’s important to name what happened so it’s clear and part of a wider conversation of accountability and harm in movement and punx spaces. to write your truth in a statement and/or call-out of that nature is incredibly difficult and painful to do. as a survivor myself, i am always here to support and believe survivors and talk about this further, with anyone – particularly women, femmes and non-binaries across our movement and punx spaces.

there is a lot more to be shared and reflected on from my own experiences as a band member. i have a limited emotional and psychological bandwidth that i have been actively healing. i am helping myself to heal and survive from my PTSD, from harm and abuse that i have and currently am experiencing. however, while i may not have much of an online presence, this experience is something i have talked at lengths with people i am in community with and honestly have thought about this everyday. if there are any questions or concerns about my statement, do let me know so that i may address them immediately. i can be reached at almajabana[dot]com. paz.

Author: soulhandles

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